Abrazo House

Abrazo House is an educational project located in the Aras Valley, Voto, Cantabria, northern Spain. Visitors have come from all over the world to this tiny village in northern Spain, to learn about ecology, health, mindfulness, and sustainability, in theory and especially in practice. We aim to develop the whole person in all their aspects: practical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. We believe that human beings can learn to live on the Earth in ways that restore nature instead of doing more damage. But it’s a long journey on which we’ve only taken the first few steps. Every day we realize how much there still is to learn. Our project began back in 2006 with the construction of a small house, Snail Cabin, then our two-story main house, using mostly natural materials (like wood, stone, straw, and mud) and with the help of hundreds of volunteers. We also began converting our two acres of pasture into a diverse, productive food forest. Since then the project has grown to include two more ecological houses in the same village, as well as a roundhouse that we use for meditation, yoga and natural healing. Behind the Abrazo House project there is a philosophy. We like to call it ecological design, though it has had many other names and our methods have been practiced by many other people (famous or anonymous) since time immemorial. We would define it as the art and science of working with nature. Some of its main elements could be summarised as follows:
• Keep it simple. The simplest solution is usually the best. We don’t like to rely on complex designs and machinery.
• Money is not wealth. True wealth lies in health, happiness, good relationships, life’s diversity, and meaningful activity, not in money. It is true that you do need some money in order to live — but a lot less than you might think.
• Slow and steady. It’s better to go slowly in the right direction than quickly in the wrong direction.
• Work with what you’ve got. There’s no point in trying to be pure in an impure world.

Innovation Frontiers

Innovation Frontiers IKE is an innovative educational technology research company that specializes in creating educational, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that incorporate innovation, creativity, and gamification to enhance flow for learners, established in Athens, Greece. Innovation Frontiers IKE believes that new generations grow up in a different world that requires new approaches to education and exploring new ways of using modern technology and modern teaching methods to improve the lifelong learning environment and make learning more accessible and more fun.

KÖVET Egyesület a Fenntartható Gazdaságért​

KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies was established in 1995 as an Association that helps companies work towards environmentally conscious corporate management. KÖVET operates with over 50 member companies and reaches a wider range of companies (320 partners through newsletters, another 2000 followers through facebook and 69000 visitors on our webpage) nationwide. The secretariat consists of 8-10 colleagues: economists, environmental engineers and administrative personnel. KÖVET organizes events, trainings, webinars and workshops in the field of environment protection and sustainability. Our Association also participates in national and international projects. KÖVET has been guiding companies and organisations towards their goals in circular economy as well. We find it important to provide organizations with the necessary knowledge and tools, partly developed by KÖVET that can help them operate in a sustainable way. KÖVET experts organize workshops on do carbon footprint calculation and life cycle analysis. For companies to become ‘greener’ we offer our Green Office and Green Event Programs. We also do sustainability report verifications for companies. We organize an annual conference where we provide a platform for experts to share their knowledge and experience among our members and all interested parties on sustainability and circular economy issues. KÖVET also issues a quarterly professional periodical titled ‘Steps’ – towards sustainability with articles on all related issues.

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